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Human Trafficking in Santa Rita Jail

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and Alameda County Sheriff’s Department is linked to human trafficking of human lives at Santa Rita Jail – it’s a business. You have tons of detainees housed at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA based on violations that have taken place from arresting agencies....meaning you will sit in custody for months or years while Alameda County makes money off of you.

Letter to alameda county public defenders from prisoner at santa rita jail

All these are violations and due process rights violations that most people of color are dealing with. Alameda County Public Defenders refuse to address these factors. That’s why we have hundreds of African-American detainees that’s been sitting in custody for a long period of time. Because we’ve already been failed badly by Alameda County Public Defender’s Office.

evidence destroyed by law enforcement; other legal rights violated and legal procedures not followed

African-Americans are being targeted ...We are being human trafficked within this racial injustice system. We need the Governor of California to visit county jails like Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County. We need the law enforcement associations to re-train local law enforcement agencies’ investigation duties right now. We need Senators to address these issues now – do Black lives really matter?

Learn how you can take action to demand more releases from Santa Rita to protect the health and safety of our community