Santa Rita Jail Solidarity is an ad-hoc, collaborative project consisting of Alameda County residents and community advocates who are committed to prisoner solidarity. We publish prisoners’ perspectives and testimonies with the aim of raising public awareness of the conditions that incarcerated people must endure in Santa Rita Jail.

Information is changing quickly and our top priority is sharing the concerns, observations, and demands of incarcerated people with the public. Please get in touch to share your story or to request support if you have been incarcerated at Santa Rita, or if you have friends or family inside!

We are not lawyers, and are not able to offer legal representation. What we can offer is to inform the public to the best of our ability about conditions inside the jail; and to connect you or your loved ones with other resources and information as needed.


For questions, comments, or to share your story, please email us at:


Often the easiest way for us to communicate directly with folks inside the jail is through mail — we check our P.O. box regularly and will write you back as quickly as possible. You can write us at:
Santa Rita Jail Solidarity
P.O. Box 12594
Oakland, CA 94604


The National Lawyers Guild – San Francisco is offering a free hotline to anyone who would like to discuss the Coronavirus or conditions inside Santa Rita Jail.

Hotline: (510) 925-4060

Confidential Legal Mail:
National Lawyers Guild
c/o Santa Rita Jail Hotline
558 Capp St, San Francisco, CA, 94110

The National Lawyers Guild cannot assist with your criminal case. Hotline workers are not attorneys. Please do not plan to discuss any confidential information about your impending case, nor anything that could incriminate you over a phone line that may be recorded. Hotline workers can:

  • Contact your defense attorney
  • Appeal your treatment or conditions of confinement to public officials
  • Provide you with more information about your rights during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Use the information you provide about jail conditions to advocate for you and/or others
  • Share your testimony with the public or with attorneys who have lawsuits against the jail
  • Discuss your concerns about a loved one who is currently inside Santa Rita Jail

This information will be used to advocate for those who call, and to demand changes in the conditions inside of the jail. We cannot guarantee confidentiality of calls.

Learn how you can take action to demand more releases from Santa Rita to protect the health and safety of our community